Embrace the rain, lose the shelter


Next time it rains, respond without thinking. Step out into it and let it soak you. Next time it rains, don’t hesitate. Welcome what the sky brings. Next time it rains, don’t flinch. Yield.

Accept the rain. Do not fight it. Let it touch you. When we flinch, when we resist the rain feels solid and separate. Accept the rain, welcome the water, allow it to find you.


Don’t cover up. Don’t drop your head. Don’t hunch. Let the rain meet you. Stand wide and let it touch you. Let it wash freely. Lift your gaze. Soften your jaw. Breathe the air that comes with rain.


Let it feel who you are. Merge with your skin. Let the drips drop towards and across you. Let your body warm the water than greets you. Trust the blood of your body to keep you safe, to flow, to warm the skin, to meet the rains temperature with its own. Don’t flinch as it lands. Relax. Soften to the water. Just water.


Water that has known ocean and become mist. Water that has disappeared from view yet maintained all that it is. Water that has moved the whole earth round, visible from space. Water that has graced the stars, and remembered how to fall. Water that changes shape so obviously, it doesn’t care. Water from a journey up high, free falling from a long, great height. Water without force, all that falls is a drop, a letting go.

Let your eyes blink like the rain that falls. Let your body respond to the rain that comes. Be one of two great things coming together.


Into your bones, into your breath. Let the rain soak you with all that it has. Don’t shy away.

Be drenched. It won’t matter. Nothing else matters. The entire sky is falling with water.

Widen your stance. Be amongst all of it. Without separation, without that shield, expose your heart to the pelt of rain.

What is the feeling you have? Identify what it brings - what it washes - what it senses – and what it welcomes in you. Thank the rain. Greet the rain. Let it rain with you. Let all of it in.

April 1st, 2015. Weekly Nature Practice

~ Haaweatea Holly Bryson

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