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Natures New Year: The tendency for everything in nature to rise

This morning I sat up to see the truly remarkable, Remarkables Mountain Range of Aoteatoa (NZ) before me. Yes, the photo above. However this morning, it’s early morning, and sunrise is overtaken by thick fog that’s covered everything in view. The occasional nose of a Mountain Peak emerges out of the heavy layer,  enough to let me know it’s there.The power of these peaks reaching up, rising through fog, takes my breath away. I come across a Sufi Question and my view speaks a thousand words.
They ask; have you noticed the tendency in nature for everything to rise?
We have this need in us, it exists as a sense of purpose, or an urging to grow, and uncover more. Only the mind fears change, but the body and the Soul urge to know that growth and new endeavors can always come to the foreground of our lives. Adrenaline is a byproduct of meeting our personal aliveness face to face, because we need this sensation, to touch the moment offered to us.
We only become apathetic, tired and disappointed when we lose the feeling that growth is possible. However we can be in the deepest, most disjointed fog, but as long as the potential for rising still exists, then we are fine hanging out there.
Yesterday in the surf I noticed even the waves want to pull upwards, as if they individually urge to rise up. In between sets of waves, rollers form; full and unbreaking swells with enormous potential. When the set arrives the rollers have enough momentum to peak as waves, peel back, and explode into the sea. Even to watch, it's noticeably more satisfying to witness the swell peak to a wave and explode back to some completion, rather than as rollers where it feels like they await something more...
How often do we get close to something, and then back off before the peak occurs?
Last night a friend and I were laughing about those common thoughts; “I’ll just wait for when my proper body comes along, my real body, and then I won’t eat that anymore” or “this is my practice relationship, when the real one comes, or this becomes more real, I’ll be much more loving”...
What's your version? :)
And often, we haven't considered what a ‘peak’ in our experience would look like. What would it look like? What would it feel like? It’s that time of year where we throw around new years resolutions (and we even alter those day to day). Change only really happens when staying the same is more uncomfortable than change would be. But like the mountains and surf, we deserve to really rise to our lives. When we meet any sense of our own purpose, we can become incredibly high and happy.
So the challenge I propose is what if we invited newness before waiting for current circumstances to force us to? What if we sped up the process out of our own self-love? Even the planet earth is currently changing at a faster rate than it used to.
If you could notice as you go on with your day, what thoughts and scenarios make you swallow? Make your heart pulse more tangibly inside your chest? These areas of your life take your energy; they eat it up with a mission.
By avoiding something, we actually dedicate a whole segment of ourselves to the cause.
If you can embrace what feels real to you in these situations; accepting it, say yes, face it. Or say no, move away from it, actively choose something else. It doesn’t matter which. It’s a movement in any direction. Waves rely on pressure, channels, banks of heavy debris, to create any kind of peak; and for us, fear, numbing, locking something away, is all information of how we can become more free with ourselves.
And it doesn’t need to be aggressive. What is a resolution after all? Some say it is to be resolute with yourself. To be freely you, at home in your body and thoughts and those you share your life with. Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga (the energy which rises up the spine, associated with a wealth of experiences), says when a woman feels secure, she can do anything. And as the Sufi note, as we climb these peaks, more often than not we slip. Yet all we realize is how to be more sure-footed as we climb.
A fantastic question for yourself; how do I want to feel? What do I need to feel more relaxed with myself? What comes up when I think; ‘invigoration’, ‘discomfort’ and ‘at home’?
If we choose a feel-good resolution; lets at least make it longer-term than just tomorrow, and deeply satisfying each time around! Let’s find the ones that truly invigorate the whole you, and supports you. Yogi Bhajan’s prescription is to laugh, sweat and meditate everyday. Meditation is a sweet way to take a moment for your new year. It is a purely personal process. The best definition I have found is also from him, that meditation has "nothing to do with religion, it has only to do with your own prosperity".
Throw away all ideas of meditation.. It is as basic as sitting as if on your own throne, your own small seat amongst the universe, with that kind of self-love, honesty, and reverence, notice what is real for you, current, right now. Give your self the gift of spaciousness to also sense what is desired. With the stimulation in life, we can’t all the time call ourselves a good listener. What of listening to yourself? Quietly, and with acceptance. It’s a basic practice.
Notice in your environment what naturally rises, despite gravity; a flower with a slim stem. Bring yourself into your environment. It wants it too! Every reflection is a symbol of the support of nature. The system of nature and life includes you. Expect the same potential to exist in everything you attempt to do. And let's enjoy the process.
~ Bahadur Holly Bryson
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