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"Thank you from my ohana (family). It is rare to come across someone who can see/read,

and do hands-on clearing at the same time."

"Through bodywork she releases the blockages holding you back.

It was a painful area to work on,

but I felt a lot releasing from my body.

I let go of ancestral trauma and years of alcohol and drug abuse.

I felt different afterwards - lighter, clearer.

I will be forever grateful for her help

and guidance. "

~ Matt D

Image by Bryn Parish

Māori Healing Bodywork

The body is a clear communicator. Relentless in letting us know what is amiss, ignored, or needing restoration. When we suffer from discomfort, misalignment, pain, or trauma, the body is not acting as our enemy but as our greatest ally.


In offering ourselves close attention, it reveals what is needed for clarity and release. 

Physical ailments contain emotional memory, a mental story, and messages to our spiritual alignment.

 "Healing is to

remove the obstruction,

miri (stimulate) the area,

and then live!"  

~Tohunga Atarangi Muru

  • Clear inter-generational trauma

  • Clear emotional stories that interfere

  • Renew the song-lines in the body

  • Reinvigorate the mauri (life-force)

  • Hear the bodys need while tending the physical

  • Attend to what injury or illness is communicating

  • Find relief and freedom in your body

  • Bring pertinent questions

  • Clarify your own next steps

  • Heal the family system

Image by Yuriy MLCN

Maori Healing Sessions

I've been reading the physical body and the ahua, or energetic field of a person since I was a child. 


I combine somatic therapy with my matakite abilities as an intuitive reader, and time training with my elders, namely Atarangi Muru and Manu Korewha in traditional māori healing bodywork: romiromi and mirimiri.


We use rakau (sticks), kohatu (stone), pounamu, and the use of our body, to release haemata (pressure points), and reinvigorate the system. Understandings and clarity come from here. 

Homebase: Hilo, Hawai'i Island (Big Island).


Visiting sessions (leave a message below to be notified)

  • Maui (Makawao)

  • Sydney and Byron Bay Area (Coorabell)

  • Dunedin, Glenorchy, Queenstown; Aotearoa

Information on Online Sessions 

Read Tohunga Atarangi Muru & Tohunga 

Manu Korewha's description of healing here.      >

I am currently not able to take new clients.

please fill in the contact form at the base of this page

and I will reply to you when availability opens, or refer where possible!


Arohanui ~

"This session changed my

whole core programming.

It cleared a cross that I was

carrying for my family." 

~ Akasuki

"After the spinal injury we were told that was it for her.

Then, after your session at the hospital,

she was adamant she would try to stand,

and she took actual steps! 

We just got off the phone to our family in Canada,

we had to call them even in the middle of the night!

~ Sarah, Daughter of 82 yo mother

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