Starts November 23/24 for 4 weeks. | Online 4-week Group

Ceremony & Resilience to stay Clear and Connected

A four-week group to stay clear and connected. Release the year. Create meaningful ceremony over the holidays. We turn to Ceremony, Ritual and Rites of Passage as tools to help us navigate as they have across the history of mankind.

Time & Location

Starts November 23/24 for 4 weeks.
Online 4-week Group

About the Event

Calling all Leaders, Healers, Change-makers, and Those stepping up to support others in this time of unknown.  As we navigate these uncertain and rapidly changing times, we are calling together those who want support and community in taking a stand for Resilience and Resource during this time of change.  We invite you to turn toward ceremony, ritual and rites of passage as tools to help us navigate these times as they have across the history of humankind.

We welcome you to:

  • Access your personal pathway to meaning, spiritual connection, and guidance
  • Uncover a deeper capacity for listening and confirmation, and for being guided by the inspiration coming through.
  • Excavate and illuminate your personal relationship with ceremony and rites of passage.
  • Practice the deepest listening and way of responding to what each experience is crying out to have honored and enacted.
  • Gain clarity and vision to create the ceremony you are seeking.
  • Understand the relevance, necessity and application of the overarching key structure and mechanics of ceremony and rites of passage.

The four sessions and four week journey includes:

1) A road map through ceremonial design

2) A designated personal journey: clarity and connection for yourself, your home, your land/backyard.

3) Ceremonial design and witness: enact a ceremony you are ready for (even if you don't know what yet).

More info at:  "4-week group"

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