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"Thank you for sharing with me the magic

of being authentic and honest with another."

~ Renee 

"We will be forever grateful to you for

your caring wisdom in helping us

find our paths to truth,

individuality, and as a family."

~ (family ages 16, 48, 63).

Relationship Counseling

Family Quest

One of the greatest privileges is working with your family.
Family holds our greatest tensions, love, and breakthroughs.

We offer multi-day retreats, based on our belief that families crave a certain

moment together. We create experiences to bring out what is most needed.

Family sessions range from a single day, to multi- or 8-day adventures.

Instead of experiencing family therapy in the office and applying it later at home

healing and growth takes place in real-time, right when the

challenges and dynamics express themselves. The spirit of adventure brings 

out our dynamics, communication, patterns, and hopes.


Plentiful in connective peak experiences, together, as a family, the success is your own.

This becomes the conscious groundwork of what is most essential to your family.

Insights are readily integrated with daily life.

A Family Quest is one to be proud of and to draw upon often as we grow. 

  • Honest conversations which bring freedom, and often relief.

  • To no longer fear conflict.

  • Processes to elicit meaning, and to hone the gifts within you and your family.

  • We see the process as an adventure; to deepen connection, be practical, experiential, highly relevant, and to lean and add on as your family continues to grow.

Image by Pascal Debrunner
Family Quest

This is very effective for:

  • Families in transition (separation, divorce, blending)

  • Conflict resolution

  • Parent & teenage disconnection

  • Grief & loss

  • A family member returning home (deployment, placement, etc..)

  • Supporting a family member in long-term addiction recovery   (post stabilization)

  • Generations of a family to come together (rites of passage & ceremony)​

  • Parent-child (including single parent) experiences


Hawai'i Quests

Prior Gallery

"One of the freedoms she gave me was the ability to love big

and follow my intuition,

bringing to light the extraordinariness

in the perceived mundane."

~ Sara, age 41

"Sharing in the knowledge of

the circle of life... 

It's a journey to not miss out on"

~ Bray, age 23

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