Haaweatea Holly Bryson (MA)

Haaweatea specialises in transformation, trauma and life-transition. This includes early childhood and adult trauma, existential crisis, and relationship and family counseling. 


She works with individuals of all ages, both online and in-person as a Therapist, Māori Healing practitioner, Rite of Passage Trainer, and Vision Quest guide. Nature Knows is a subsidiary of The Suzerain Group in Hawai'i, where she is the Lead Therapist and Trainer.

Her personal journey through near-death experiences, injury, illness, and spiritual reckoning, has led her in her commitment to guiding people through the reality we each hold in our healing and growth. 


This is, to support others with maps and tools, clear reflection, while eliciting the deeper questions and purpose. We each must seek our own answers; access the genius and the gifts in our difficult challenges and awakenings; and create richer connections and relationships. 

Her ten years in the field has ranged from: non-profits, prisons, wilderness therapy programs, psychiatric hospitals, addiction centers, indigenous communities, family adventure therapy, street-side work, and private practice.

  • INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES.  Supporting communities in the resurgence of their rites of passage and healing protocols (within Aboriginal, Māori and Hawaiian contexts). One project she coordinated within a community was named "Australias most successful indigenous program" in The Australian Paper (2014), and selected as a case study across 14 countries for the decade ahead at The World Parks Congress (2014 - 2024). Haaweatea is a moderator for the Indigenous Relationships Circle for The International Adventure Therapy Network.

  • VETERANS WITH PTSD. Facilitating week-long retreats for the past decade focused on post-traumatic growth and reintegration with women combat veterans (CenterPoint Retreats).

  • AT RISK YOUTH. With youth and families in prison and post-release (Colorado, USA and Australia), addiction centres, youth centres, and outpatient youth groups post hospitalisation for suicide. 

  • RELATIONSHIPS. Never-ending research into relationship dynamics, boundaries, codependence, the role of heartache in self-discovery and greater love. 

  • TRAUMA AND RESILIENCY. Trauma recovery for clients. Somatic approaches, including integrated mindfulness, yoga and dance with prison inmates, in addiction treatment, and for chronic pain recovery.

  • GROUP WORK. A decade of experiential, relationship-based group work.


Ko Uruao te waka                                                                             The Uruao is our canoe

Ko Kapakataumahaka, Ko Aoraki ka mauka                           I call on my Mountains

Ko Owheo te awa                                                                               Our river is the Owheo

Ko Kāi Tahu, Ko Waitaha kā iwi                       I am of Ngāi Tahu and Waitaha tribes

Ko Kati Hāwea te hapu                                                                           and of Kati Hāwea

Ko Puketeraki te marae                                                     Our tribal house is Puketeraki

Ko Huriawa te kaitiaki                                           My guide, and wellspring is Huriawa

Ka mihi ōra ki a tātou e                                       May we all thrive, across generations.



"Haaweatea is a very talented and skilled facilitator. She see's below the surface of people's words and asks pivotal questions...  She skillfully illuminates the truth and from this I saw women able to let down their guard and practice being true to themselves"

~ Tiffany Higgins, Co-founder Shifting Gears Experience

“Haaweas presence and authenticity are two of her strongest qualities followed by her incredible knowledge and experience working with people on trauma and transformation”

~ Elizabeth Hawkins Robinson, Executive Director ONEFreedom

"Haaweatea has done enough work in her own life to show vulnerability as strength, transparency as a moment's truth and laughter as necessity"

~ Tiffany Higgins

“Haawea embodies the essence of an integrated natural healer. I was impressed with her ability to offer so much in an open-hearted, humble and generous manner.”

~ Lizzy Slatt, Prevention Education Director SAVA (Sexual Assault Victims Advocacy Center)

“I’m so glad you were placed in my path on my journey to reinvention and inner comfort... I found strength to keep driving on… I have a glow of fire… Thank you so so much”

~ Lainey, age 30.

“I can’t put into words the impact you’ve had on my life. In every interaction I’ve felt cared for, validated, understood, worth something, accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated. I want to thank you for being a safe person, that I felt okay enough to open myself up to, so I could experience this.” 

~ Lucy, Age 26

"Her passion has given young people who often feel lonely, stuck, confused and broken a chance to connect with mother earth and re-connect with themselves. She deepens this experience by asking such rich and meaningful questions. She definitely takes people on a journey.”

~ Co-worker Weave Youth Family Community

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