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the stages of 



You have gone through this journey many times.

You will go through it again, many times in your life. As will our loved ones. 

We experience these stages every time we go through a crisis, a change,

begin something new, advance our character or our mastery.

Having an in-depth understanding of the 11 stages deepens insight, self-trust, and our capacity to courageously walk forward.


It also provides a map for healing early childhood, attachment, or relational wounds, so she can give and receive in deeply satisfying, mutual and authentic ways, to deepen connection in her family, community and/or leadership.

The woman experiences these stages in each transformation, each initiation, and in her journey to wholeness and completeness with herself.

An 8-day immersion through

The Heroines Journey

Queenstown Area, Te Wai Pounamu, Aotearoa/ NZ, 2021.

A Rite of Passage into the fullness and wholeness of you as a woman,

through the eleven stages of initiation, transformation and healing.   

 Including Self Awareness & Mindfulness practices, Solo time on the land and the old trails,

2-days of Silence, Visioning, Individual and Collective ceremony, and rich inner work.

"Be brave to face each step of the journey.
You will get to the golden pot of illumination." 
  ~ past participant, 2016

Taking this time to reflect and deeply heal within yourself has profound effects on family across generations, and lifts you in your passion, purpose, and capacity.


  • Go beyond questioning, lack of confidence or doubt, into sincere trust in yourself and peace of mind.


  • Create essential time for yourself, in a world where you hold a lot of roles and responsibilities for others.


  • Stop overthinking or reacting to the constant noise of life, and find the still point in yourself, so you have clarity and subtlety in all things.

  • Be able to truly appreciate yourself and appreciate others as they are, rather than who you’d like them to be.

  • Open to authentic intimacy throughout your relationships.

  • Complete family and ancestral histories, so we choose and create for the children coming in, rather than perpetuate old patterns.

  • Know yourself well enough so you live to your gifts; (away from societal ‘trying to be something’, and become who you’re meant to be).

  • Seek a great freedom; to live your own truth and be yourself in a way that will only support humanity.

  • Have vision and a dream beyond what you can imagine.

  • To receive answers for how to move forward with much less effort.

  • To emerge with heightened insight, intuition, and purpose.

  • To return home at peace with who you are, clear in your direction, confident in your path.

Suraj Khalsa (New Zealand, Ngai Tahu, Waitaha)

A guide for those in the process of healing, transition and transformation, Suraj is an international Lead Teacher, Trainer and Mentor in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.  She has practiced meditation and healing for over 40 years. 


For the past ten years she has served as President of Ramadasa, center for the study of KY and Meditation in China and Asia Pacific. 


Suraj is creator and author of the Awakened Woman series of teachings, including relationship, intimacy and pregnancy, and brought the first  Woman’s Camps to China and Israel. She embraces the teachings of East and West and teaches across ages, languages, cultures and stages of life. 

As Suraj often facilitates for large numbers of women, it is a gift for us to have her on this course with a small group. Visit Suraj here. 

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