"Haaweatea has done enough work in her

own life to show vulnerability as strength, transparency as a moment's truth

and laughter as necessity."

~ Tiffany H

"In one session we uncovered more pieces

than the last two months of

(our regular) couples therapy." 

~ Ron and Abby


Online Sessions

To be human is to know change, to be pushed through constant decisions, metamorphosis,

the growth of relationships, and tasks of love.

Change can bring confusion. We might question everything.  Doubt can fill us, where we find it difficult to access the parts of ourselves that we usually trust and rely on. 


Intentionally moving through our challenges, upheaval, and the unknown can open up the insight we have been yearning for, gifts we would not otherwise uncover,

and lead us into a more complete understanding of who we are.

We are relational. Our wounds and walls happen in relationship.

Yet, our healing is our own worthy work, and subsequently enriches all of our relationships. 

Release and get clear within.​ Experience the answers and the constant communication

life has for you.​ Come to trust and know yourself more deeply and purposefully. ​

 Develop regular skills which you can always rely on.

Get to know yourself as your own healer and genuine confidant.


Counseling/ Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy (or depth psychology that includes the spiritual and wholistic lens) is to make room for the whole human experience, including existential questioning, and get to the core level, insight and understanding, or healing of the pattern. I have a specialisation in trauma, somatic (body-based) therapy, and also offer Relationship Counseling. 

We can address:

grief, endings, anxiety,

depression, relationship,

trauma, existential questioning, 

addiction, purpose,

life-transition and family.

Maori Healing,

intuitive reading,

medical intuition,

deep process work

Unresolved experiences since early childhood are held in the body. 

Our current experience allows us to access earlier ones, in support of healing and completion. We heal back, as well as forward, for our family system.

Injury, illness, and medical issues have an emotional, mental and spiritual component, which we can address as one. More

I am currently not able to take new clients or sessions for the month of September.

If you would like to be on the list for next openings, potentially later this month or October 2021

please fill in the contact form at the base of this page and I will reply to you when there is availability!


Arohanui ~

"It cleared up the past years of my life

to an understanding of myself, which I could embrace like a Heroine! It gave me an orientation for now and in the future."

~ Robbie F

"She went straight to the bullseye."

~ Bradley