Online Sessions with Haaweatea
Transformative Therapy, Relationship Counseling,
Intuitive Reading, Medical Intuition, Family Systems Healing, Māori Healing, Energetic Clearing, and Consults.

As a Therapist, I specialize in life's transitions, transformations, and trauma.


To be human is to know change, to be pushed through constant decisions, metamorphosis, the growth of relationships and tasks of love.

Change can bring confusion. We often question everything.  Doubt can fill us, where we find it difficult to access the parts of ourselves that we usually trust and rely on. 


Moving through these challenges can open up insight we have been yearning for,  gifts we would not otherwise uncover, and lead us into a much deeper understanding of who we are.

I'm a passionate and relentless researcher into relationship and family dynamics, and I am here to support you in this as an individual, or couple.

As a "rule", as soon as we see the obstacle and our resistance for what it is,

it moves.


Release and get clear.

Experience the answers and constant communication life has for you.

Come to trust and know yourself more deeply and purposefully. 

Develop regular skills which you can always rely on. 

I look forward to working with you,


REGULAR 1 hour Session: $110



80 minute: $140

90-minute: $155

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