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On Request | Online 8-week Training

Joyality for Healing Professionals

The Joyality Program is an 8-week experiential ecopsychology course that supports you to feel empowered, resilient and connected through a toolkit of 36-experiential processes to integrate within your work and personal self-care!

About The Joyality Project

Joyality for Healing Professionals (J4HP) is a specific cohort run under The Joyality Project


This cohort (J4HP) is designed specifically for counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, coaches, or facilitators of therapeutic experiences with nature such as adventure therapists, ecopsychologists, wilderness guides, rewilding teachers, environmental educators, etc.  Does that sound like you? Are you seeking training or professional development in these fields?


Joyality itself is an innovative and effective toolkit of 36-experiential tools and practices, for you to care for yourself, while also expanding your capacity to support and care for your clients.


Professional Development & Self Care


As professionals in these fields, we are on the frontlines of the psychological and emotional response to the intersecting crises of our time. In these positions, it is crucial to support and care for ourselves well, and to continue to develop and expand our capacity to respond to these challenges effectively and compassionately. 


In our fields of practice there is a need for more resilience and focused energy than ever before. Many of us are in a state of professional overwhelm, that is increasing as the broader crises in the world grow, and we can no longer isolate healing at an individual/family level without including the larger community and planetary context.


This special round of the  Joyality Program supports you as a professional to hone your gifts with clarity and focus, to direct your energy to what you care about most, while taking really good care of yourself.


It is a personal journey to explore your own identity and values, your vision and fears; strengthen your resilience and resources for emotional regulation and engagement; and deepen your connection and place in the natural world.


Using the Joyality Frame and Toolkit with your Clients


The Joyality Program contains 36-evidenced based, experiential processes and tools for:

  • Meaningful connection with self, others and nature

  • Emotional regulation and resilience to maintain our sense of well-being while being aware of significant problems in the wider world;

  • Empowering conscious, self-sustained actions that benefit others and the natural world.

The Joyality toolkit supports people to:

  • Identify their passion and actions they can take to the benefit of others and the world

  • Deepen their relationship with nature, including giving-back to places we work within

  • Increase self-esteem while reducing cognitive dissonance, aliging values with actions

  • Increase purpose, belonging, and a widely connected identity

  • Create a culture of resilience in the face of a changing world

  • Explore the therapeutic effect (on our worth and capacity) of taking action

  • Identify barriers to action and ways through to positive action and change.

These tools and practises are suitable for use with clients in both indoor and outdoor therapeutic environments.

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