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Nature is our primary guide and teacher.

We need to rediscover nature because we need to break the small worlds that have been imposed by technology, the media, work, and ourselves.


To connect with life we need to reconnect with our

living spirit. Nature is the intuitive teacher.

Nature is the ever-adapting healer.

Nature is a revealing experience. Nature knows.


We also have an incredible team of professionals. Passionate people who live transformation and rites of passage whole-heartedly and relentlessly.


Many are experts in their field - be it relationships, communication, neuropsychology, ecopsychology, attachment, trauma, contemplative practice, council, 

- alongside local or indigenous elders sharing the original pathway of nature as home and family, and nature as Self.


Each team is created specifically for the journey we embark on together.



Our team

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Founder, Lead Therapist and Trainer

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Experiential Facilitator, Coach MS

Tiffany is a masterful and creative experiential facilitator with more than 20 years’ experience providing positive personal and professional development experiences to clients in community, business, university, therapeutic, and youth- and school-based programs. She incorporates experiential activities including those of physical, body-centered, mindfulness, artistic and nature-based. With these vehicles she is skillful at meeting the needs of different styles of awareness, growth and healing. "What's most meaningful for me about facilitating is trusting we each have inner wisdom that guides us. Once we reacquaint with this wisdom the practice that we create together is listening, finding strength where it truly lies and delighting in the connection, love, and presence that follows."

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Therapist, Adventure Therapist, LCSW

Inspired by her early love of camping and ropes courses, Lizzy has spent 20-years incorporating healing within experiential and nature-based settings. She integrates mindfulness, strength-based approaches, systems theory and social justice frameworks. She has specialised in working with trauma, including survivors of abuse and veterans, anxiety, depression, relationship work and self-esteem. She’s a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Social Work, as well as a certified EMDR practitioner and consultant-in-training. Lizzy brings a creative and big-hearted approach of play to her facilitation! She's deeply grateful for Ollie, her dog, who works alongside her as co-therapist.

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Co-Facilitator: Heroines Journey, Meditation Teacher Trainer, Mentor

Suraj has been practicing meditation and healing for over 40 years. She is a Kundalini Yoga KRI Lead Teacher & Trainer, President and Co-founder of Ramadasa, center for the study of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in China and Asia Pacific. She developed the Awakened Women series of teachings, combining evolving science, eastern and western philosophy, yoga, transpersonal psychology, and her passion about the women's journey. She trains teachers and mentors in many countries. Her teaching is distilled from her own life experience and journey of healing and awakening.

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Mentor, Guide, Ecotherapist, MA

Christopher Quiseng has over a decade of experience guiding individuals through significant life transitions in the context of wilderness rites of passage. He holds a Master's degree in Ecopsychology and is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Christopher has held professional appointments as a Mental Health Professional/Therapist, Search and Rescue Park Ranger, Archaeologist, and Wilderness Guide. He now combines his knowledge and experience into a cohesive offering on behalf of personal, social, and environmental well-being. 



Facilitator, Ecopsychologist, PhD.

Eshana designs and facilitates experiences that connect people to nature and each other, while empowering them to take positive action for the world around them. She is passionate about about the synergy between personal and planetary healing; and ensuring that young adults have the psychological and change-making tools needed to navigate this extraordinary moment in the planet’s history. Eshana has a PhD in ecopsychology, is a social researcher and senior university lecturer, and has 25 years experience facilitating deep ecology workshops. Since 1997, she has integrated nature connection, community empowerment, and collaborated with Aboriginal custodians in her consultancy work with Sustainable Futures Australia. Based near Byron Bay, she is co-founder of Foresthaven retreat and learning centre, and co-creator of The Joyality Program.

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Māori Healing Practitioner




Equine Therapist, Holistic Coach




Māori Healing Practitioner


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Soul Surfing Coach and Facilitator, PhD.

Sally is a soul surfer of life, diving into experiences that nourish an open heart, playfulness and peace. Sally has a PhD in Adult Learning and a Masters in Social Ecology. She spent 24 years as a professional environmental educator and protector, and as Co-founder and Executive Officer of the Ethos Foundation, a sustainability adult learning organization that hosted the groundbreaking Courageous Conversations. As a qualified instructor in surfing, yoga, and fitness, she facilitates workshops and retreats that offer SoulSurfing, stillness and movement practices. Sally is the author of “The Dharma of Surfing: Wisdom from the Water for Life” (2016) and “Surf Yoga” DVD.

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Youth Resource Creator, Group Facilitator




Facilitator and Mentor

(Ngati Porou)

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