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When you really can’t make a decision, try this... The Decision Tree.

Silence in nature helps us feel the essence of things, to a deeper intimacy and connection with life. We tap resources, strength, courage and a vision we didn’t know was there. When we are agitated, confused or stuck, we can face it and be curious about all of it, with a commitment to finally moving forward with it, even when we don’t know how...

When you have a decision to make, carry it with you outside and try this.

Whatever decision you are carrying on your heart and shoulders, usually it’s a choice, and if it's not then formulating it into a couple of choices is helpful in itself. Identify your two choices or options, (three only if you must).

Wander the landscape.

Seek out two separate trees, one that represents each choice. Be curious to which tree offers itself to the exercise.

Notice the features and details for each of these two trees.

Begin with one tree. Go sit with it. Sit with that outcome.

How do you feel as you sit here? What do you observe within yourself?

Simply breathe and rest in this choice. Sit with the choice in as much fullness as you can. For a moment, drop any attachment to the opposite choice and just be here.

Assume you have chosen this one. It is done.

Be with all its facets, feelings, outcomes, fears, hopes and risk.

How do you feel now that its done? What is it like to have chosen it? What does being here bring?

Rest here a while and experience this choice in full. Pay attention to all you notice here, both in the natural world, and within yourself. How does the tree show up? What does it reveal in its shape, its way? What does it share about this decision?

When it is time and you have fully explored this option, move to the other tree (the other choice).

Sit with this choice in full, and repeat this process.

Finally move to stand at the center-point in the landscape between the two trees.

Now, Pay direct attention to your body, to gravity, to your pull.

Notice which tree you are drawn to return to. Allow your body to take over and guide you to one. Sometimes we just need to begin to walk, without thinking, and see where we end up. Acknowledge this choice and remain curious about it.

Can you accept this outcome?

Return and step into this decision.

And remember “when the pressure is on you - act and it will be off” (Yogi Bhajan) Sometimes making a decision is as simple as saying yes to something, right now, and getting things moving. Knowing we make new choices, in every moment.

~ Haaweatea Holly Bryson

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