• Haaweatea Holly Bryson

How to transform regret

How do we transform regret into something precious and powerful?

Regrets are things we carry forward but don't really want to acknowledge because of how uncomfortable or heavy they can be.

The things we #regret, by their very nature, are opportunities for deep change. They have keys within them. They show our vulnerabilities, and highlight the things that really matter.

A short sharing on:

  • How we look back at our past with one eye closed and one eye open

  • Hindsight bias: The gift in looking back and taking/ claiming the gift.

  • Asking key questions, such as "what part of me knew even back then?"

  • Taking off the coat of shame

  • The perspective and lightness in seeing our life as offering ongoing opportunities. The past is not more valuable than the one to come. Especially if we don't ignore it.

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