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Podcast: Sacred rites & reconnection to nature through ceremony and romiromi (māori healing)

On the flourishing healing practice podcast today a kōrero from our Rāahui time in 2020. Hāweatea from Nature Knows ~ ia a divine woman & a therapist who specialises in trauma, transition and transformation. She is both online and nature-based as a wilderness therapist and rite of passage guide, and offers Māori healing sessions, specifically for trauma healing, family systems healing, to find the initiation behind illness/injury, and clear the songlines in the body.

In this episode Hāweatea speaks transformation as her primary language. There is such a depth to the way Hāweatea describes the process of transformation that makes this a clip you will be able to watch many times, and learn something new each time. Personally, I could have kept talking about these textures for another hour.

~ Gabrielle Rangihoea, Wanderkind & The Flourishing Healing Practice Podcast with co-host Jaime Mackie.

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