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The gift of Elder Dr Malidoma Somé's words to our responsive hearts in this time

I really enjoyed gathering some short excerpts from Elder Malidomas teachings

(from a variety of open sources) to honour him as an human who was fully alive,

and as a newly transitioned active Ancestor.

In gratitude for his legacy in ceremony, ritual, rites of passage.

His timeless medicine answers the passage we find ourselves in today, globally.

Elder Malidoma completed his most recent Initiation Thursday, December 9th, 2021

0:10 Staying sensitive in the chaos

2:44 The Home we are all seeking: re-indigenizing

4:44 The chemistry of being real: being able to face up to differences and still survive.

6:30. Tracking the spiritual that sits behind what is being said.

8:00 ‘Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt’...

9:30 You, yourself are the leader you seek.

The delegation of power and authority to someone (probably) more scared than you.

How many voices can co-exist?

11:36 How to greet hatred

Hatred as an energy that is independent of the person experiencing it.

13:25 Why your Ancestors need you:

The more we mess up while we are here, the more we choose to help our descendents when on the other side.

15:15 “How do I call upon my ancestors when I don’t even know my grandfather’s name?”

18:25 My elders on Colonialism; guilt, shame, and the victim.

Behind a violent action is a ‘demand’ for healing.

21:27 How to survive in a world dominated by another one.

How to survive in a relationship when you’ve been following another’s rules.

24:14 Conversing with the ancestors and asking for impact.

26:30 We have no word for SEX

Summary on Elder Malidoma Somé via 2012 New World Library Publisher's Summary

Born in West Africa in the early 1950s, Somé was kidnapped at age four by a French Jesuit missionary to be trained as a priest, for the next 15 years enduring the harsh regimen of a seminary where his native language and tribal traditions were systematically suppressed.

At age 20 he escaped, but when he returned to his Dugara people in Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) they rejected him as an outsider. To reconnect with his native culture, Somé underwent a month-long initiation into shamanism during which he reports that he journeyed to the underworld, became a bird, then a porcupine, and was buried alive.

During his years that followed he was held as a Titiulo, Medicine Man, Diviner, Healer, Author, Husband, Father, Friend, Grandson and Elder. January 30, 1956 - December 9, 2021

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