One of the most challenging, revealing, confusing and wonderful stretch of years. You're forever changing, while wanting something solid in yourself, in who you are. 

You're tested everyday. In mundane small ways, and big all-consuming ways. 

From your friends, family, decisions, school, self-expression, relationships, direction, passion, risk, confidence, and proving yourself to yourself.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - Online and In-Person

We offer counseling, online therapy, and nature/ adventure therapy.


Strengthen your communication with those around you, manage your feelings,

get what you need as you grow, and take responsibility for that growth.

It's a time in your life to awaken curiosity, your character and capability.

To nurture a sense of wonder. Take designated time to effectively wrestle with the deeper questions going on internally, which reflect strongly in many areas.

We also can effectively address:

  • Alcohol and other drug use

  • Sexuality

  • Transition 

  • Existential growth and a search for meaning

  • Identity strength

  • Anxiety and the skill of emotional regulation

  • Post traumatic growth

  • Separation and divorce

  • Depression or numbness

  • Suicidal ideation, attempts or self-harm

  • "Silencing"

  • Spiritual reflection

  • Athlete preparation and psychology





Adolescence is a sought out initiatory process, requiring a deliberate action to mark becoming their own sovereign and embodied adult self. To be seen in their own purpose, passions, and place in the world.


Who are you? Where do you belong? What is your way? What matters to you?


Without purposeful, healthy initiations, young people will find their own. The most common methods can been referred to as the "Four L's; getting your drivers Licence, getting Laid, Loaded (on alcohol or drugs) or Locked up" (John Davis).


Adolescence is packed with experiences of being tested, of rising up and falling down, it's a relentless adventure into yourself and your decisions.


It's essential to realise where you draw your power, joy and purpose.

SESSIONS Online and In Person


1 hour sessions: $110


1 hour sessions: $110

1.5 hour sessions: $155

Half day nature/adventure therapy

*activity dependent pricing


Parent Teen days and packages available​

* Allocated number of sliding scale. Contact for application form. 

What a quest is for and when to do one:

  • You return with a deep sense that “something happened” and you are different to who you were stepping out.

  • With this change comes an understanding and a purpose, you next task is to live it.

  • It’s a process that will mirror to you the answers you are seeking.

  • It’s a perfect opportunity to release and let go of anything that is weighing you down. Also to find your own clarity, distinct from others influence or wishes for you.

  • If you are seeking direction, have decisions to make, or feel unsure, the quest will move you forward on your path.

  • Wilderness Quests address gifts and unique strengths: Why am I here? What’s my purpose for being here?

  • What am I seeking? What’s my passion and what do I do with it?

  • It’s an inward journey to know yourself better

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