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Transitions are key - they are the moments when transformation is fully possible. They are completions and new beginnings, where we open to ourselves in a new way. They are navigating our wounds to access the greater gift. They are choice points, opportunities for growth, to move through natural anxieties and fears, realise our gifts and purpose, and find what is essential within us. 

One thing is certain, we will be met with transitions throughout our lives. They need to be recognised and acknowledged so they can guide us to deeper meaning, real belonging, and the embodiment of who we are. It’s time to rediscover rites of passage because kids need a bridge, adolescents need a relationship with themselves, adults need to know to grow and families need the right kind of glue.

We need to rediscover nature because we need to break the small worlds that have been imposed by technology, the media, work, and ourselves. To connect with life we need to re-connect with the living spirit. Nature is the intuitive teacher. Nature is the perfect healer. Nature is a revealing experience. Nature knows.

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