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TBD | 8 Day Immersion | Te Wai Pounamu, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

The Heroines Journey

with Hāweatea Bryson & Suraj Bryson 

A Rite of Passage into the fullness and wholeness of you as a woman,

through the eleven stages of initiation, transformation and healing.   

 Including Self Awareness & Mindfulness practices, Solo time on the land and the old trails.

2-days of Silence, Visioning, Individual and Collective ceremony, and rich inner work.

About the Training

This course is for you if you are here to

  • Go beyond questioning, lack of confidence or doubt, into sincere trust in yourself and peace of mind.


  • Create essential time for yourself, in a world where you hold a lot of roles and responsibilities for others.


  • Stop overthinking or reacting to the constant noise of life, and find the still point in yourself, so you have clarity and subtlety in all things.

  • Be able to truly appreciate yourself and appreciate others as they are, rather than who you’d like them to be.

  • Open to authentic intimacy throughout your relationships.

  • Complete family and ancestral histories, so we choose and create for the children coming in, rather than perpetuate old patterns.

  • Know yourself well enough so you live to your gifts; (away from societal ‘trying to be something’, and become who you’re meant to be).


  • Seek a great freedom; to live your own truth and be yourself in a way that will only support humanity.


  • Have vision and a dream beyond what you can imagine.


  • To receive answers for how to move forward with much less effort.


  • To emerge with heightened insight, intuition, and purpose.


  • To return home at peace with who you are, clear in your direction, confident in your path.

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