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Spiritual Bypass → Spiritual Resourcing

We often turn to spirituality as a crutch while disconnecting from the people or situation at hand. It disguises itself not just by making us feel better in the moment, but the misbelief that it makes us good, helpful humans, healers, and teachers. Perhaps we answer the call to be positive, optimistic, people of power, and change. The irony is that in clinging to spiritual ideals and bypassing the pain at hand, we become unavailable to the world that needs us.

For trained helpers, holding expectations that our worth is shown in how quickly we get people through to the ‘other-side’ of their feelings, we gravitate to finding the good, the positive reframe, the lesson, yet we are in danger of promoting feeling better over genuine growth.

None of us on a spiritual path want to abandon the experiences needing genuine attention; whether in ourselves and others. It happens out of self-preservation, emotional and energetic overwhelm, and from an inner ‘freeze’ in not knowing how to do enough or make a difference. Our spiritual ego protects us in an idealized ‘balm’ and we neglect the human task at hand.

About the Workshop 

This workshop identifies the features and forms of spiritual bypass. Rather than shame or reject –  it’s important to normalise spiritual bypass as ‘part of the path’ which allows us to then work with it powerfully. Humanely and compassionately we expore how to move through bypass and spiritual idealism into embodied spiritual resourcing. We explore and practice ways we can support our clients or others in this aswell.

Spiritual Resourcing; Draws upon the spiritual fabric, backbone, and backdrop of our life. Calls it into this world, to support, guide, and enact our gifts. Connects us through our humility and humanness. Aids us to embody our spirituality and livelihood in full.

Spiritual Bypassing; Leaves the human experience behind. Rises until we are unavailable. Escapes to greener pastures, where we can no longer see clearly, experience, or move through the experience at hand. Neglects why we are alive.

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