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More than Sorry

MAY 26. MORE THAN SORRY. My heart is your heart and I won't shy away from wanting to know more of our true histories, the living trauma, and the deep need for more than reconciliation. I am committed to listening- to listening to your story and suffering, in the same way that you listen to the lands'.

I am dedicated to respecting, revering and lifting up the bounty, beauty and beyond- of your traditions, languages, eyes, hands, hearts and feet.

I will never assume I know what it means to be you, and I will always join in the one heart we share that surrounds this Nation of Australia, in its multitudes of mobs and spirit.

I will acknowledge Country, and bring myself to also belong in this land, as we all long to. I will carry that in my step, in how I greet life, and how I meet each weather the sky brings. I am not afraid to feel, and i am proud to be a part, in this small flicker of time, of the ancestry that lives in this wide Mother.

I will continue to be awe-struck by the 60,000 year old living Culture where I was born and live- and watch as a great supporter, cheerleader, avid action-er, and deep listener as the revitalisation of your Culture spreads like a wildfire that has been licking its lips for far too long!

On National Sorry day, to my Aboriginal friends, to the elders who have patiently shown me my ignorance and deepened our connection, to the communities that have cracked open my heart to endless beauty, bravery, tough-skin, and magic, and to all those who I'm yet to meet, I hope to share in this dreaming once more. Thank you for your trust. It lives with us. And change is here. Nothing else will do.

~ May 26, 2016

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