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10 Things to note in our Worldwide Trauma Response and Initiation #covid19

Right now our world moves through a trauma response and an initiatory process. 10 things that stand out #covid19

  1. It's not "survival of the fittest", research shows its actually "survival of the NURTURED".

  2. Moving from Freeze/ Fight/ Flight/ Fawn - to face and nurture.

  3. This Initiation we individually face together. Uncertainty is required.

  4. Go beyond the endless chatter, in order to have a substantial connection with others and your spirit.

  5. Brave Moments and Making decisions for yourself.

  6. Our "Invincibility Complex" is crumbling, and it's deeply humbling.

  7. Don't shut out your Existential Questions: Invite them in. They've been with you all along. (They hide as fear and panic).

  8. Without touch, we are being trained to become sensitive to our relational field, and to the global field.

  9. Why we need your natural gifts, your worth and value, regardless of wage/ income.

  10. Where is Home? Tending home.

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