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* A nature practice, a meditation, right now

Let’s give up waiting and arrive to ourselves.

The mind believes we are waiting for something...

The mind gets swept up into the distance, and like an excited child, overfull on Easter, runs screaming across the lawn, arms wide, excited at what it believes it can find to bring you.

The mind gets brutally disappointed when it doesn’t receive what it expected. It can quickly discard the exhilarating run on morning-dew grass as a waste of time.

Waiting implies something better is coming. Waiting implies time is not aligned with us, with who we are.

It forgets all the hard work we have already put in. In this moment, we have intuition and a knowing already with us. We have lived experience. We have not just emerged out of no-where with future places to be. We have an ancestry, an originality and our personal shaped experience, and it has all taken place as part of this moment now. Everything we have, allows us to respond - in your unique aliveness – to now.

There is a Māori word which holds this concept; takiwaa. When we give up waiting we have access to takiwaa. It means time, space, place are together; not before us, within us.

From the beginning of time until this second of time right now everything still exists. Our mind wants us to believe time is linear. We know time is circular, nature will show us that.

Acknowledging circular time means letting go of control, and acknowledging what is here right now, to be expressed, understood, and to be deeply energised by.

When we give attention to this moment, we access our knowing. What inspires us is with us, not away from us.

Right now, accept what you know to be true about yourself.

Listen to this moment.

Just rest and bring your focus within.

For example, If you find yourself bobbing in the ocean in the chop of the waves, you will find your answer by bringing your awareness down into the still quiet of the ocean. Just one metre beneath the waves is vastly quieter.

Anything you want to know, ask.

What did you ask?

Right now allow the question itself to completely engage you. Be truly interested in it. Not the answer, just the question. Think to all those before who have asked and sat with the same question.

Don't answer the question, just feel it's power and relevance.

Take your time.

Now, for the next step. What do you hear?

Write down what you know to be true. Write what you hear in response to your own question.

Write with your hand and your heart and your body, and do no editing with your head.

What does this moment itself offer?

In Takiwaa,

Holly Bryson

(P.S. Some bonus words from Eckhardt Tolle)


When you catch yourself slipping into waiting… snap out of it. Come into the present moment. Just be, and enjoy being. If you are present, there is never any need for you to wait for anything.

So the next time somebody says, "Sorry to have kept you waiting," you can reply, "That's all right, I wasn't waiting. I was just standing here enjoying myself - in joy in my self."

~ Eckardt Tolle, Practicing the Power of Now

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