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Guest episode: A series on healing, trauma, and building resilience.

At Inner Ocean Empowerment Project we believe in supporting vulnerable individuals and communities in healing from trauma, restoring health, and building resilience using holistic healthcare and education. Click here to learn more about our work and to get involved.

Reframing Resilience and Becoming an Ally for Indigenous Communities:

Hosted by Mindi Counts of Inner Ocean Empowerment Project.

Featuring Guest Speaker Hāweatea Holly Bryson, MA.

Video Highlights:

  • Explore an Indigenous Maori perspective on resilience as our birthright.

  • Learn to become an attuned ally for Indigenous (and all) communities.

  • Understand the importance for allies to develop their own community of allies, and process what they are learning and witnessing.

  • Learn to see the sense of urgency in community service as a symptom of the Western paradigm (and how to work with it).

  • Discover the true meaning of sovereignty as a means to finding safety in our world.


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