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Personal and Professional Training and Consultation.

We have 15 years experience in supporting the needs and vision of numerous cross-cultural organisations and programs.

These are some of our in-house trainings on offer at various times.

9 Month Training Format - Outline (4) copy.png

9-Month Global Online Training for Therapists, Guides, Mentors, Healers, Youth Workers, Facilitators, Spiritual Leaders and Rite of Passage Doulas... Confidently develop and enact personally meaningful, culturally relevant ceremonies and rites of passage for yourself and your community!

A Training of Nature Knows & The Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute
Online & Global | Limited Spaces
2024 Cohort Registration opens soon!


This 8-week program moves through a toolkit of 36 evidenced-based ecopsychology and social change practices to empower and connect individuals in a seemingly chaotic world. J4HP (with Hāweatea) is a cohort specifically for helping and healing practitioners. Integrate these tools in your workplace and home.

A Training of The Joyality Project
Online 8 Week Training | TBD


Experience counts the most. Bring experiential and relating practices, play, games, movement and multi-sensory activities into your therapy facilitatation and group work.

1 or 2 day training upon request | TBD 


Listening is a layered art, and those layers are an inherent part of traditional storytelling and the approach to wānanga (Māori ‘schools of learning’). Lore, truth and revelation are continually held, awaiting the listener’s arrival, revealed for you and by you in reciprocity. Explore listening through your 12 senses. Practice the art of Mirroring; the potent offering of a person’s story back to them. Open listening doorways - we turn to listening skills that come from Indigenous legacies of receiving a story, story-telling/ guardianship, story release and healing. This course will support your capacity as a guardian of stories, as a relating human, as a communicator and as a creator.

The School for Sacred Storytelling
Online | 4-week course:
Sept 19/20 - October 19/20 2023

Spiritual Bypass2.png

We often turn to spirituality as a crutch while disconnecting from the people or situation at hand. It disguises itself not just by making us feel better in the moment, but the misbelief that it makes us good, helpful humans, healers, and teachers. Perhaps we answer the call to be positive, optimistic, people of power, and change. The irony is that in clinging to spiritual ideals and bypassing the pain at hand, we become unavailable to the world that needs us.

Online | TBD 

Emotional RegulationV3.png

Time spent in nature is an incredibly healing approach to working with trauma. Nature-based or Adventure Therapy calls us to explore the field of emotional regulation at our feet and fingertips.

Online | On Request


This training presents the neuropsychology of the heart and age-old understanding of the heart in relationship, memory, intimacy and self-revelation.

On Request | TBD

Creating Meaningful Moments V2.png

When we're given opportunities to create powerful and meaningful moments for ourselves, long lasting change occurs. What is at the heart of change?

On Request | TBD

"Haaweatea has done enough work in her

own life to show vulnerability as strength, transparency as a moment's truth

and laughter as necessity."​

~ Tiffany H

“Stop.  Listen.  Feel.  Haaweatea is gifted at guiding participants through this process because of her inherent gifts as matakite (intuitive), and over two decades of work as a professional listener.  This is a fusion of indigenous ancestry and the psychology of meaning-making and change. I can honestly say there is no better guide or teacher.  Participation in her wānanga (courses) have been monumental for me in uncovering what she calls the ‘reverse gift’ of life's challenges.” Donelle Manihera

"It cleared up the past years of my life

to an understanding of myself, which I could embrace like a Heroine! It gave me an orientation for now and in the future."

~ Robbie F

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